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A recruitment website for Specified Skills Visa

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About Us

For a good match between foreign workers and Japanese companies

MUSUBEE is a digital recruitment platform that connects bilingual talents with Japanese companies. Our mission is to solve labor shortage issue in Japan and unemployment issue in developing coutries. We will introduce selected enterprises to those of you who would like to work in Japan.

Our Strength

  • Able to find a job that best suits you

    We provide various functions such as condition searching and match making that will help you find a perfect job that suits you with favorable working conditions.


    Basic system usage fee is free.

  • Able to have online interviews

    Even if you are not in Japan, you can have interviews with recruiters via smartphones.

  • Get scouted

    Once you create your profile, you will receive scout messages from companies that are interested in you.

We introduce only excellent companies.

Registration Process

  • Create your profile

  • Confirm your profile information

  • Recieve a confirmation email

  • Start looking for a job!

Recruitment Process

  • Apply

    Apply to companies you like to work for.

  • Interview

    Have interviews with recruiters. ※Online interviews are available for those of you who are living far away.

  • Job offer

    You will recieve your interview outcomes via MUSUBEE.

  • Start working

    Congratulations on your success! Start your career.

Congratulations on your success! Start your career.

Supporting Services

Useful Tools

Recruiting Companies

Company A famous ramen shop that operates nationwide
Occupation Cook
Job description Cooking and serving
Salary 3.12 million yen/year (with bonus)
Required Japanese level JLPT:N3 or higher
Company A restaurant that operates worldwide
Occupation Cook, server
Job description Customer services
Salary 2.88 million yen/year (There will be bonus, raise, and various benefites)
Required Japanese level JLPT:N4 or higher

About Specified Skills Visa

Specified Skills Visa is a new employment visa that the Japanese government introduced in April 2019 to supply foreign workers to 12 industries suffering from labor shortage.

Foreign workers are now able to work for companies which they could not work before. According to the government estimate, it is expected that Japanese companies will hire up to 345,150 foreign workers over the next five years.

< Number of foreign workers woking in Japan >

Job Hunting Process Using A Specified Skills Visa

Step up in your career

With a Specified Skills Visa, you are able to work in Japan up to 5 years. By continuing working hard, you can expect career advancement and a raise in your salary.


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About Us

Name MUSUBEE, Inc.
Founder Masaru Ito
Address Yebisu Garden Place Tower 31F, Yebisu 4-20-3, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-6031 Japan
Products and Services Recruiting service